I miss u :)

1:50 PM

people who i really miss..
the great people.
the besties.

1. Anindityo Patmonoaji

the old man. smart man. famous man. :p
I miss our tea times..

2. Ahmad Arif Fadhlirahman


my best. my youngest brother.comedian.
i miss do something childish with you.

 looks,how cute u are! ;)

3. Queenty Asri Wulandari

the exotic girl. bule hunter. :D
i miss the "lovelife" story time with you.

i love this photo,
u look so beautiful. :)
4. Riesky Bayu Suryadi

the most handsome boy.
i miss our secret joke. :D

5. And all of my besties... :)

rada lebay emang. kita semua di jogja.
but dont know why, i miss them.
i really want to meet them.
gimana kalau aku melancong nanti ya?

 no reason,
i just miss u guys :)

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