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Hello from 2016’s me

I used to be a blogger, back then when I was in high school. I think it was started on friendster, yes my friends, the oldest social media which no longer exist made me into writing. If I am not mistaken, friendster has their own blog so the user can share their story there.

Then I moved to blogger that - Thank God, I can’t remember the address. I was a high school student who likes to share everything on internet, can you image how lame my story was?  Hopefully no one will find it either.

Long story short, at my second year of college, I made this blog. Still menye-menye though. I have no brave to read it. It was so lame. The content is sooo not pretty. And when I decide to start writing again, I was thinking to delete this blog and start from zero.

But then, I am thinking, why should I delete it? Why am I so embarrassing with all these posts. It wasn’t pretty, but isn’t it shows your journey? Everything needs a process, and this blog is yours, nabilla. Ok, little bit drama, but that’s true.

So, yeah, here I am [again], after yeeeaaarrrsss of postponed.

If you want to explore my blog more, it’s fine. All posts that have “Past” label on it are posts that I wrote years ago. But there is something that I want to say in advance, “Please, don’t judge me”. :p

are you really want to open the "Past"?

 photo taken by Me at Nusa Dua


Please scroll down!

Photo taken by Me at Nusa Penida

If your answer is [still] yes,
please don't leave this blog just because of it. LOL :)


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